6. Abandoned Mines

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What's this all about? It's about a sidetrip to the underworld where you have to open a door using all your wits.

Take a shortcut – Find a way through the mountain

Follow Jacob until it rumbles, now be quick and gallop down the right hallway. You can also jump to be faster but be careful in the next cave. Take a stealthy approach on the three orthopedists and kill them with silent headshots. To the left there are red mushrooms, nearby you'll find a survival cache. But now on with the show. Important: first of all push the green button for the lift. You can push the cart with X, do this and release it with B. Now jump up to the structure and you'll find the nice combat knife. Use it to cut the rope (Y) and now jump to the other side of the structure, there are 2 ropes, cut them. Remember, you'll only see the ropes when you've pushed the lift button earlier. Now use the fallen gondola to jump up to the edge, then on to the climbing wall and upwards. Eventually you'll reach a passage. Grab the document and proceed. You'll find some coins, another document but be careful, now you have to jump because the floor is rotten. There is the Pantheon Corridor base camp, the real Pantheon actually is a round temple with a big hole on top. It's located in Rome, I was there. There's also a wall painting, in our camp I mean. There's also no fast travel available.

Savegame 9 = Start of the next part (9th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots) Enemies are killed, and some things are collected, but take a look!

Now on to the next fight. I was able to kill the first one silently, then I sneaked to the right, there's a little hole in the wall. I could kill another one through this hole, actually even two because to the left there's another baddy. When I've tried to sneak up to the one standing on the wall to the left I've been detected. Nevertheless I could shoot this one as well as the last two bogeys with my bow. Loot the place, in particular two documents and the crafting tool from the crate. Back to the camp and make some upgrades. Now use the cable and climb to the big door, then the next cable down to the truck. Hang on and climb to the right until you reach the top. Push the little cart off the rocks, stand near the crank and shoot a rope arrow to the cart near the truck. Pull the cart as far as possible, then cut the rope. Afterwards proceed to the left behind the ice wall and use the cable to climb over.

Time for another fight! When you proceed to the temple take shelter near the wall to the left, because soon you'll have many visitors... It took me three attempts to get rid of them, just try to shoot'em as fast as you can. Afterwards loot everything, in the rear left niche you'll find a survival cache. A bit farther there's a monolith, after reading it you'll see more coin caches on your map. Now follow the corridor until you reach an ice wall. Beware, the corridor will collapse and you have to jump to that ice wall very quickly. On top go left to the relic, afterwards jump over the 2 pillars to the path. In the corner there's a coin cache. Proceed to the right but be careful, the floor is rotten and you'll have to jump again. If you approach the backpack slowly, another coin cache shows up. The backpack updates your map. Now back to the door, open it with a rope arrow. Behind to the left there are some goodies, if you proceed you'll see an ice wall to the right. But beware, the floor nearby is a trap! Jump over this trap and grab that thing, then jump to the ice wall and climb. You are now in the hallway near the Pantheon Corridor base camp and you'll being shot immediatly. Take cover to the right, 2 baddies approaches you, one sits above throwing grenades. If you proceed afterwards to the camp, you'll find the last coin cache. I got the message that I could buy now something in the supply shack (do you remember?). But to get there we'll need a camp with a fast travel option. For now use the Pantheon camp and upgrade your weapons. Now climb the ladder in the hall where the fight took place, open up the crate, and I got something labeled with 'rifle', nearby is the last survival cache. I think I got the machine gun here. When you're done jump up the wall, to the left there's a map. Then jump on the board and to the rope. You're now hanging on the crane, climb up on the right. Go down the crane arm, jump to the left and you'll reach a cart, push it as far as possible. Stay near and shoot a rope arrow to the round container hanging on the crane. On the other side of the cart you'll find the crank wheel, use it to pull the container close. Now pull the cart back and then run for your life! Jump and run, be careful at the end near the big gate, you'll have to jump again! It's not that clear but there's another abyss. Now proceed, it should be clear what to do next...

Presumption: There are survival caches which blinks and then there are some which don't. For those you'll need a map. In general you'll always need a map for coin caches. The survival caches correspond to the Geocaches from TR2013, the coin caches are new, because now you can buy things. First off I wondered about the name 'survival cache', because I thought one could take shelter from enemies, but instead one will find goodies there (needed for upgrading and crafting).

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Legend - Click to enlarge!


Auf Youtube nenne ich mich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen "Prediger Krause".

Hier ist noch meine selbst angefertigte Let's Play Version (von damals) mit wichtigen und beeindruckenden Kommentaren. Achtung, das ist der Guide to Survival!

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