5. Soviet Installation

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What's this all about? This is the first huge area of the game, you can form your own opinion about political correctness and the topic 'bogeyman'. The cold war era is long over but in this level it'll live again. It reminds me on the level 'The cold war' => "Der kalte Krieg" of the Director's Cut from Tomb Raider 2. The whole mood, the colours and so on make this one of the best games I know so far. But here too we have some decent graphics, just enjoy the surprise...

Savegame 5 = Start of the level (fifth slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Important! When it comes to optional missions, my text is a bit indented to the right!

(Examples of optional missions are: making coffee, changing your undies...)

Searching for... (ah well, just look at your map...)

First of all you'll see a nice video which has movie qualities, even the lip sync is right! After the video you'll find yourself (or at least Lara) in her new base camp Installation vista. Right there at the stonewalled corner you'll find a survival cache. Now take the zipline and you'll see the blinking of the second survival cache (2/2). Proceed and take all goodies on your way, to the right there is a small gap, just slip through. You'll reach a cave, that's the challenge Into Darkness (1 of 5 caves mastered). If you look at your map and press Y all challenges will be listed. In the cave there are fungi, ore in the walls, you can smash a wall and find a mural painting. Proceed further down, at the crossing go left to the icicles. Move a bit to the right, jump to the other wall (you'll see some ore) and grab the document. Go back to the crossing, enter the other corridor and then to the right until you reach the cave with the sarcophagus. In there you'll find the crypt treasure 1/2. On the floor there are many coins. Now proceed all the way back until you reach the small gap and slip through, now on to the right until you reach the sitting guy, there's also a document. Sneak and take care of the caretaker... best with a stealth kill (head shot or so). When you proceed, you'll see two more interior designers but they glow red so you can't get rid of them secretly. Instead use a trick. Take one of the bottles there and throw it behind those guys. One of them want to check that noise and now you can lead them to a higher ground one after another. Grab all goodies, between the two black boxes and the red star on the wall you'll find survival cache 3/21. Then jump up the wall...

Among enemies – check the chopper landing pad

Move down and now some hard-hitting facts: right now you'll have to kill some garden gnomes, stealthy and separately. I got the message that rope arrows are missing (missing gear – rope arrows). I've managed to kill the bad guys from far away, that granted me the achievment 'English Pedigree' (kill someone with your bow over a distance of at least 25 meters). This means also that you can aim with the gamepad as good as with your mouse on PC. After killing all 4 enemies proceed carefully into the building. On the upper floor a guard is moving around. Sneak up the stairs and take care of the last bogey, then loot the whole place. Take another look into the courtyard, when you're ready proceed over the bridge (upper floor). Jump up the ladder and to the metal platform, hang on there and jump further upwards, left to the metal plate and then double jump to the top. Balance over the pole and via zipline into the next building. Here you'll find some salvage, then throw a lantern at the blocked exit. Proceed and suddenly you'll have a gun. Take the document and gun down the two pool attendants through the glass. Speak with the prisoner and move out through the left door (because the right door is inaccessable – missing gear: lock pick). Leave throgh the upper window...

Note: 'Check the chopper landing pad' looks familiar, it reminds me on the bunker in TR2013 just before reaching the radio tower. There as well you have to storm a building, inside up the stairs, over the 'bridge' and the zipline down into the next building. This one looks almost identical. In general some passages look familiar here...

Find a way into the old prison

Right now a little fight is in order. I did it right, moving from the crates to the left (another crate) and then jumping up on the structure. Push RS in order to see when to kill the sentry silently but then I made a mistake. I've looted the body which alarmed the others, so I had to kill them all (worked out fine on my first try). You'll have to avoid the red warning signs and occasionally kill someone from your cover. Perhaps one of the bogey's coming up to you, just use Y to take care of him. On the structure you'll find also a lantern, throw it near the oil tank but make sure that you'll not standing in the flames. Another bad guy's coming and outside there is another one shooting at you. You can't see him but you'll see a red oil drum, shoot at it and 'another one bites the dust...' After that proceed in the open, look at the wall picture and jump over the wall to the next area → Base camp train yard. Proceed to the door with the red star. On the left end of the puddle you'll find a survival cache (4/21). To the right, just before the watch tower there's a hole in the fence, grab all goodies there. Now climb up the watch tower but don't use the zipline, instead jump down right. Take all goodies and jump over the crates back to the watch tower. Now use the zipline, it's a loooooong way down... After the landing someone approaches you, but it's a friend, so don't shoot! Talk to him (X) and he offers you an optional mission. Accept, now you've found the Logging Camp base camp. Loot the cabin (I don't have to say this in the future, right?)

Optional mission: Communications breakdown – Destroy all 5 radio towers. When you look at your map, all 5 radio towers are blinking green, so it's not hard to find them. Proceed to the huge building (sawmill) with the truck outside and enter the building. On the porch you can destroy the little box on the radio tower. If you make your way up you can jump on the canopy to the right, there's a wall painting. When you're in the basement of the building you'll see 3 wolves to the right (east). I've managed to shoot two of them, the third one escaped into a cave. There you can loot not only the shot animals but also some others (already dead). Now you should be able to upgrade your weapons in the base camp (you'll also need some furs / skins which you have now). After upgrading my weapons and returning to the sawmill the third wolf was there and I could kill him easily. Now on with our radio towers! At the sawmill you'll see a rock with an entrance. Climb up the wall to the right of this entrance. Then jump to the bright edge, move hand over hand further right and jump to the next edge. Make your way to the top of this mountain where you'll find radio tower no. 2. Destroy it and use the zipline, jump up the rocks to the right in order to reach the third radio tower. From there you'll see a bright climbing wall which brings you to radio tower no. 4 as well as to the Sheltered ridge base camp. So how you'll come down from there? Hang on to the edge of the climbing wall, let go and hook up quickly. Or move to the other side of this area, jump on the tree, to the right... but... no... not yet. After coming down go along the frozen creek and you'll reach the last radio tower. Mission completed! You'll find some handy stuff in the cabin and the watch tower, now go back to the guy at the logging camp. Talk to him (X) and he gives you his lockpick. Use it to open up the trunk in the camp. In the next building (right behind the fence) you can also unlock the locker (hehe!). (Holding X until it's open). Hint: Now you can use fast travel back to the last camp and go back to the locked door in the prison room, grab the goodies and proceed again to the logging camp.

Note: I'm sure at some point one will find a 'treasure map' indicating all coin caches etc. which one can loot using fast travel.

Challenge: Into Darkness. If you press Y when your map is open, you'll see all missions and challenges. When you look at 'Into Darkness' you'll notice that we have already mastered 1 of 5; so let's do the rest. It's about cave exploring... Right behind the shack of the logging camp there's a small broken bridge – jump over and you'll find a cave entrance. Right before the entrance there should be also a coin cache... right now you should be able to craft a bag at your base camp which allows you to carry much more – great, isn't it? Hint: every now and then you should hunt down some deers and rabbits, because you'll need the hides and the antlers (of course rabbits don't have antlers *grin*) Back to our cave... in there you can smash a wall, you'll find coins... when you proceed you'll find even more coins and a wall painting. Move on through the pool, on the right bank there's a document. Now swim through the small passage and proceed further until you reach the sarcophagus (crypt treasure 2/2). Look also for ore in the walls. Loot everything around the sarcophagus and go back in the open. On to the next cave, it's at the end of the big bridge near the sawmill, there's also a monolith, but Lara isn't able to read it for now. Beware! Here you'll always find a pack of wolves, so be prepared and kill them one by one from the distance. Now enter the cave and you'll notice that Lara enters stealth mode... something isn't right here. Proceed slowly to the right until you see even more wolves... take care of them and loot'em for the hides. Now back in the open, just turn right and you'll find a secret map. (Schatzkarte? Kann mich an die grad nicht so genau erinnern...) The fourth cave is near the sawmill (the small entrance in the big rock). As always be on the lookout for some nasty wolves, when you enter this cave have also your bow ready to greet them from a safe distance with some 'friendly fire'. Here you'll find another treasure map. Back in the open move to the upper right corner of the map (behind the mountain), here is the last cave. In there you'll see a door which you can't open for now because you'll need rope arrows (behind the door is the bonus tomb 2)

  Note: Whenever I refer to the 'sawmill' I mean the huge building in the middle of the whole area with the circular saw.

Note: In my playthrough right now I've mastered the challenge 'Into Darkness'. But there's another cave just right of the big rock near the sawmill. The entrance is blocked with bars, you can break them with some gunshots and inside you'll find a backpack (more locations will be shown on your map) and of course ore. Near the sawmill you can also shoot at the suspending, holding the big tube hanging on the digger. Do this and the entrance to the bonus tomb 1 opens (a shaft will be visible there).

  You'll find the walkthrough for both bonus tombs of the soviet installation in the walkthrough of the Geothermal Valley!

Unexpected discovery – find a way into the old prison. Now on with the main story. Proceed to the base camp Sheltered Ridge (upper right corner of your map) and from there go left. You'll reach a wooden bridge, looks suspicious, better you climb the wall to the right, move up the steps and use the branch to swing over. Right there you'll find a monolith (which Lara is able to read), you'll see some survival and coin caches on your map. Beware! Don't proceed directly to the shack, there are three sentries. Instead climb up the wall nearby, take cover and kill them one by one. Now search the area for salvage and goodies, before entering the shack. Behind this shack you'll find a survival cache, a coin cache is also shown on your map. On the wall of the cabin you'll find a wall painting and the Radio Tower base camp. If you like you can use fast travel to grab all the new goodies shown on your map before you finally enter the shack. This is the supply shack. With your coins you can buy items and equipment here. (Approach an item and press X to buy it). You can return here anytime with fast travel. There is some fine gear here, I've bought the rope ascender and the silencer. Leave the shack on the backside, climb the ladder and use the zipline for even more fun...

Savegame 6 = Start of the next part (sixth slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots) With bonus tomb 1.

Find a way to escape the prison. Surely you've noticed that after the video Lara is in a prison cell. A short note regarding the video: As already mentioned, the graphics are really superb, you can even see the fabric of Laras pullover. And all this on a Xbox for € 350,-- to € 400,--  And in this Xbox there isn't a € 1.000,-- graphic card, so why one should buy such power-hungry monster-graphic cards? Anyway, let's get out of here! Break off the pipe on the radiator and smash the wall nearby. Feels just like home when a door is jammed! In the next room Lara takes the Recurve bow as well as the rope (I have to check what a 'Recurve bow' really is...) Now use the new bow and shoot (with LT and RT) a rope arrow right above the cell door in the block tied up with rope and climb out. Take your new buddy Jacob with you and (while holding RT) you can make 5 new rope arrows. Right behind you is a document, to the right a relic. Now proceed and grab all goodies in the last room. Then use the dia projector (is there anybody who still knows such a thing? Ah well, I have to confess that I'm a smoker, wait, I have to roll one... and now I think about all those cozy slide show-evenings...) Ok, now let's get out of here, climb the ladder and through the window...

Look for a way to open the gate. Well, can't really be that difficult... Take the wood in front of you to make more arrows, to the left you'll find some feathers. Take cover, I was able to 'see' 3 enemies with RS. Take a stealthy approach here and eliminate them silently with some headshots. (in the watchtowers and the roof). To takedown the one who wanders just aim at that point where he'll always wait a few seconds...) Now climb silently the ladder to the roof, balance to the watchtower and kill the one sitting on the roof. Use the rope to get there, to speed up things use the rope ascender. On the other end of the roof I could see one bogey standing below, use Y and our Lara finishes him off. From this point you can take care of the one standing in the shack. Now proceed near the blue container on the wall, take a bottle and throw it to the right of the two guys standing there. One of them move away a bit, use RS and make sure that you'll be able to kill both of them silently. Sneak behind the truck and use the same bottle trick on the last two bogeys. Now everything is clear and you can search and loot the whole place. Time for the challenge Data Corruption: you have to destroy 10 laptops (with Y). In the building in the middle of the area you can destroy 2 of them (there is also the switch for the door). In this area there are 5 laptops in total, then leave the place through the door...

Find Jacob. Right behind the door you'll find laptop no. 6, if you can't smash it just shoot it. Open the locker with the lockpick and shoot a rope arrow to the roped post, then use the rope to get up there. Jump to the windowsill and proceed to the right to the next window, jump up to the red bar. Now move hand over hand around the corner and through the window. After the video proceed through the water and climb to the next room (take the 2 things on the table), now pry open the door. Behind the wheel shoot a rope arrow to the thingy there and crank the wheel. Now you're able to proceed through the water...

Fight your way through the Trinity-base to the old train yard. Beware, there is more action to come! After opening the door somebody wants to get in. First I thought it will be Jacob, but no, it's a bogey and Lara manages to take away his assault rifle. And right now you'll have to use it... Take down the next two guys, move into the open, there are another two. To the left in the shack, when you leave it through the other door again 2 bogeys approaches you (take cover in the shack). Proceed in a sneaky way to the next shack and shoot at the explosive barrel to finish off the two guys there. Now Lara finds a tin can and you'll learn to create makeshift explosives (hold RB). Aim with LT and throw it with RT... the next two baddies bite the dust... But beware, there's another one coming for you! Proceed to the last shack and use either tin cans or go back to the open and finish off the last two baddies who's running after you. Done! In the last room you can smash laptop 7/10, take the document and proceed down the hole. Down there you'll find a backpack which shows even more locations on your map, then move out to the goulash, erm, Gulag base camp. Beware, if you proceed through the paled gate, more action will come... some more baddies approaches you, take cover and finish them off one by one. After that there's a savepoint and new armored enemies appear. Retreat to the shack, grab a tin can and hold RB (makeshift explosive), then throw it towards your new friends, should keep them busy... best you develop your own strategy here. Should be possible whithout major problems although it's a bit more difficult to aim with the gamepad (at least for me). After the fight collect all goodies, there should be 3 survival caches marked on your map and when you reach the digger you should have destroyed 9 laptops. In the shack after the digger is laptop 10/10, a document and you can also loot some bodies. Down the stair you'll find a relic and a wall painting. Now proceed through the wagon, to the left between the other wagons you'll find survival cache no. 3. If you like you can go back to the Gulag base camp to check your gear. When you go back to the train car, another action sequence starts – our good friend, the soviet military chopper appears. Use B to dodge, then run and jump as fast as you can (there are some savepoints in case something goes wrong...)

Savegame 7 = Start of the next part (seventh slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots) Two things (documents...) of Baba Yaga are not in this savegame, because you need the Grapple Axe!

Alone again – Reaching the Copper Mill. A clear objective! Go out to the Wilderness Refuge base camp. Use the zipline and you'll reach a guy which you can talk to (X). He offers a new mission:

 Mission: Dangerous territory. You only have to go back to the cave left of the bridge near the sawmill (you already know it, you've visited it during the challenge Into Darkness). Just kill all wolves... which isn't exactly easy... give your best, afterwards go back to that guy and talk to him again → mission accomplished. Reward: pistol sight. Now go back to the Logging Camp base camp, there's another ally, offering the

Mission: The Unlucky Ones. In the shack you'll now be able to open the small door with a rope arrow and you'll find a crate. Now on with our new mission. Follow the green circles on your map, finish off the 2 guards and take the backpack. Now another survival cache will be displayed on your map. Enter the bunker and proceed down the stairs. There's a bad guy, kill him silently. In the room you'll find 2 others sleeping on the floor... guide them into eternal slumber.... Now open the cell door with your lockpick, there are two allies, free them (with X). Now back to the base camp and report your success... mission completed. Reward: Infiltrator outfit. You'll find all outfits in your weapons menu, this one regenerates your health more quickly and also looks good! Back to the guy in the shack, he'll offers you the next mission: Misguided intelligence.

Mission: Misguided intelligence. In short terms: find the messenger bird and shoot him out of the sky. Follow your green objective beacon and you'll be able to shoot it. The bird shows up randomly... After completing this mission you'll receive the shotgun spreader choke. Proceed over the bridge left of the sawmill, you'll meet 2 guys, talk to them. Enter the cave again (which is safe now), more allies who want to have a chat with you. Also a new mission awaits: Gulag recon.

Gulag recon. Proceed to the Logging Camp base camp and use fast travel to the Gulag base camp. Again through the paled gate, 2 enemies are waiting there, kill them. Move to the shack to the left and wait for the other baddies, best you use your axe there. Now you'll see 3 maps (green circles) on your map. One of them is right there, the next one is in the shack after the digger and for the last one you'll have to go back to the camp and proceed in the other direction (just follow your map and the objective beacon). Now back to the Logging Camp base camp and from there to the cave with the allies. Mission completed, reward: rifle suppressor. Note: after leaving the cave suddenly 4 baddies show up at the sawmill.

Important: the men who gives you the missions are in the buildings near the start, or in the cave left of the sawmill.

Hint: If 1 or 2 enemies are near you, don't try to aim, instead use Y for your axe to kill them. During the axe kill animation Lara is safe from enemy actions.

capture the flag Click to enlarge!

Note: There's also the challenge: capture the flag, but the necessary knife is still missing. There is also a monolith left to the bridge near the sawmill which you still can't read. Also there are bonus tombs (Walkthroughs in the section Geothermal Valley).

For now we continue with the main story Reach the copper mill

Savegame 8 = Start of the copper mill (8th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots) With all missions, 2 bonus tombs and Baba Yaga. Two things in Baba Yaga are still missing.

Proceed to the right lower corner on your map, you'll reach a gate with a red star and 3 bungee-jumpers. Shortly before that you can move up a path to reach a cave which you can open with a rope arrow. There's a crate with salvage. Now proceed through the door and you'll reach the Copper Mill Yard
base camp. On the truck there are some goodies, there's also a wall painting and a monolith, which shows you some more coin caches on your map. After looting them open up the next gate with a rope arrow, in the same way open something to the left, also the shack above. The reddish shack near the truck contains also some goodies. If you leave this building through the back door you'll find a survival cache near the rusty power pole. Search the whole place for goodies and finally climb up the tower. Open the barrier with a rope arrow and jump over. You'll find a document (dictation device), then climb up the ladder. Grab a bottle and no, Lara's not after a drink, instead make a Molotov with RB and serve it hot to your teammates... after some more axe kills search the place for goodies. (The exit is behind the flammable barrier). In a corner you'll see a greenish glow, enter this room, there's a crate with a bow part. By now you should have all parts for the Compound bow! At the console with the green light you can push a button which leads you to the

Bonus tomb: The Red Mine

Video no. 15, beginning at 15:00. You'll find a treasure map, enter the left corridor and jump on the rope (or in the water, hehe...). Swim on and you'll see the blinking of a survival cache. Now back and left until you can move out of the water. Take one of the bottles and ignite it, now aim with LT and throw it to the barrier with RT. When you proceed you'll slide down, proceed to the right until Lara says: „More artefacts...“ Firstly to the right (another survival cache), then follow the hallway down. It'll collapse and you have to hold. Now on to the relic, take another bottle, ignite it an throw it to the fabric (if you fail, there are more bottles, after all we are in Russia!!) . Now you can jump over and you're in the mine. Jump down to the left to reach the entrance. On to the left for the document, behind the mine cart there's a backpack which updates your map. Finally you'll reach the Excavation Shaft base camp. Jump to the platform, climb up and jump on the other side. Proceed to the relic and to the document. Now jump to the basket in the middle of the hall, proceed upwards, climb the next platform and to the right to the next one. To the left you'll see a mine cart, pull it out with a rope arrow. Back to the platform near the wall, on to the pole and swing over to the rooftop. There's a wall painting, then on to the long roof (at the other end of this area you can crouch behind the roof slope to grab some goodies). Stand near the roped pole and take a good look at the mine cart at the top of the track. There is a roped area and now shoot a rope arrow in this area. Now jump back to the small red bar near the bucket. The mine car with the rope now blocks the waterfall. Let got of the bucket (just fall down) and take a bottle of the crate there. Jump with the bottle to the platform in the middle of the cave, ignite it and throw it to the flammable barrier. Jump over and you'll reach another codex. Your reward is the Bright Eyes skill, from now on all traps nearby glows red. Look around with RS in order to see all goodies and loot the place. When you proceed you'll find another survival cache (shown on your map). Proceed until you reach your camp again, then use fast travel or leave the tomb in a 'normal' way (just walk on).

Hint: When you reach the end of each bonus tomb, there is the so-called codex (your reward). This unlocks several skills. In the mode 'Expeditions' you can use the 'Expedition Cards' to determine Laras gear, skills and so on. There is a card called 'Well Read' which unlocks all codex skills.

Back to the main story Now you can start the challenge Difference of opinion. You'll have to burn 7 propaganda posters, glowing with RS. Grab a bottle and make your way back to the shack where you have already seen such a poster (1/7). Those posters are reddish with hammer and sickle on it. If Lara loses a bottle during a jump, just go back and grab it again (and don't ignite it yet!!). When you've burned the first poster, go back to the area where the fight with the baddies took place. There's still the flammable barrier blocking our path, but when you look up to the right you'll see another barrier. Behind you'll find propaganda poster 2/7 and some goodies. But now on through the now burned opening, there's a wall painting for your language course, more goodies and after that on the wall the propaganda poster 3/7. Here you can open a door with a rope arrow, slide down and then climb to the upper floor of the building. There's even more stuff as well as propaganda poster 4/7. You can also shoot a rope arrow over to the other shack, there's a relic. Climb over the crate in the niche, bring down the ceiling with a rope arrow, climb up and you'll be at the beginning again.

Difference of opinion Click to enlarge!

Now use a rope arrow with the roped block on the little crane and Lara swings over (just like in the old Tarzan-movies). Another rope arrow in the next roped block and then jump over. Balance over the pole, use the climbing wall (X) and climb up to the left, then use the ladder. You'll hear a guard and I was able to shoot him through the small gap in the wall. Jump over there, you'll see another ladder or you can move to the bar on the left. You'll reach eventually an alcove, to the left you can open a crate with the lockpick. Use a rope arrow to slide down to the next building but be prepared for a fight. I was able to finish off the first three with my axe, then take cover. The rest of the bunch hides in the left side of the building, not really a big problem for a raider like you, right? After the fight loot the place, jump up the wall and grab everything there too, then proceed. It doesn't matter if left or right, you'll reach a ladder and there's another dictating device. Use the zipline to get down to the last building (there was the fight), grab a bottle and open the flammable door with it. There are more bottles, use them to burn the next propaganda poster. Look up, there's another poster (6/7) on the wall, directly under the small window. Use a rope arrow to proceed to the next area. Eventually you'll reach three more baddies, grab another bottle, make a Molotov and throw it in their direction (achievement Firestarter). Here you'll find propaganda poster 7/7 which unlocks the achievment Looking for trouble. (Master 5 challenges). We are really succesfull, aren't we? But now on with the show, be prepared for everything! Blow with a Molotov or a tin can (makeshift explosive) the barrier at the end, of course more baddies are waiting for you. Finish them off in your favorite way then proceed. Up the next stairs, there's one guy throwing grenades. You can run to him, kill him with the axe and then quickly move back for cover. Proceed the stairs upwards, more enemies... then there is a savepoint and three armored buddies. Two of them have blown themselves up (for what reason ever), finally leave the shack with a rope arrow...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Legend - Click to enlarge!


Look at the german version...

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