4. Glacial Caverns

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What's this all about? I think it's time to make a little side trip in the icy underworld of the Carpathians or wherever this may be, and right now the more important question is: how come, that big sail ships can be found deep down in underground caverns?

Savegame 4 = Start of the level (fourth slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Searching for the lost city of Kitezh

Slide down the tunnel, turn around and climb the ice wall because there is a document. Then again down and heading on. After the small passage you'll find another goodie. If there is a magnifying glass you'll have to turn and search the whole thingy, well known from TR2013. Now into the cold water and with LT diving through the arc. Dive again right in the side corridor and leave the water because there are some goodies. Diving back again to the mongolian passage base camp. Remember: in base camps fast travel is available. Now a weapon upgrade should be available, push RB and 'honed edge' could be applied to your axe. On with the show. Jump across 2 chasms, a message indicates a bonus tomb nearby. It still takes a few moments until you'll reach it. Jump to the right ice wall, hook up and climb. Further upwards on the wooden track and now you can turn left to the

Challenge tomb: Ice Ship

Jump over, then on to the mast and balance over to the ship. Take all goodies, then turn the crank handle, now jump to the left on the plank towards the next mast. Your next moves are not for the faint-hearted! Balance on the mast over the chasm, to the left over some small poles right to the end and jump to the ice cube (don't use your axe!). Then just let go and jump to the right, move over the new poles until you reach the top and turn again a crank-handle. Now it's getting tricky because you have to turn the crank-handle with your left stick (LS), then with some adrenaline rush move quickly over the pole, to the right 'til the end and then jump on that thingy. Again just let go and jump to the edge on the left. Climb the ice wall onwards to the poles, now use X for a firm grip, then jump to the right and upwords to our objective. To the right there are some coins. But this is not about a fistful of dollars, we even grab the nice map and all the other goodies there. Now on to the 'real' reward. The 'codex' teaches us a new arrow technique and of course we receive a bunch of points. Slide down on the rope, directly to a relic. The new skill is titled 'ancient abilities' which gives you the possibility to quickly shoot 2 arrows in a row (after shooting the first arrow quickly push RT and release).

Now on and up to the next ice wall, then just head on and look for a few coins here and there. Finally another dive (push B repeatedly). To the right you'll see some stuff and now just head on to the soviet facility...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Legend - Click to enlarge!


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