3. Siberian Wilderness

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What's this all about? We are about to experience a new production of the popular theme 'woman vs. nature' with dramatic elements such as dancing bears and camping extreme by courtesy of the magazine 'Outdoor for outsiders', section 'What to do when you get bored'...

Savegame 2 = Start of the level (second slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

A cold welcome – find shelter

Right now, this is kind of a déjà-vu of TR2013. Just head on until you reach an 'old camp'. Turn left towards a little tree which can Lara use. Push RS (whenever I say 'RS' I refer to the survival instinct), now all important things glow. Shortly to the right you'll find the next tree and to the left there is a dead deer on the ground. Now back to the camp and Lara enjoys her cozy shelter. Hey! We have our first base camp! You still remember this from TR2013, right? Now push A to improve your bow, after that you should see a message 'upgrades available'! Push A again and you enter the menu 'makeshift longbow'. It's a bit more complicated than TR2013 but you'll get used to it. If something (ingredients) on the left chart is depicted in white, you'll be able to apply the upgrade, if it's red, you're missing some ingredients. Right now I could choose 'reinforced limbs' (note: this refers to the bow, not Laras special techniques in the pro handball league...) Push A again and with B back to the main menu of the base camp. You'll see the well known fast travel option and the skills. Now there's a new topic, 'inventory', for now unavailable. Enter the skill menu and since you have already one skill point you can spend it there (the skill menu seems to be very similar to TR2013). That's it for now, and the show is about to begin!

Siberian wild – Echoes of the past – Search the woods for clues about the lost city

Look at your map and move around a little bit, using RS every now and then. Basically you just should be on the lookout for those clues but you'll notice for sure that many things glow (RS!). There are for example bushes with berries you can pick, there are bird's nests on branches, you can shoot them with your bow and then pick up the feathers. On some trees the trunk glows, you can use those trees to climb up, maybe you can hide from wild animals, also you can jump from tree to tree in some areas in order to reach 'survival caches' and other hidden objects. Of course you can hunt several animals as well.

Threre are also two platforms, on one there is a treasure map, if I'm right, and you can reach it by climbing on a rope. There are two locked caves, in front of one of them you'll find an 'explorer's bag', on the upper edge you can enter a cave and in general just search, loot and scavenge everything marked on your map (using RS). After you've found a certain document in the upper edge of the main area, you'll be finally able to read the inscription on the monolith in the middle of the area. After that you'll see three new coin caches. Visit your camp every now and then in order to make new arrows. The area isn't that big, so you can search it very easily.

Exit: Right beside your objective marker you'll also find a special tree on which you can climb, then jump to the exit of this area – don't forget to collect everything before. Here you'll experience deep snow again, just head on and pick some branches. Now Lara changes automatically into sneak mode and you know: something isn't quite right. And there it is... a full grown dwarf hamster appears, push B to dodge when shown on screen. After that just run, meaning to push down the left stick (LS). Don't move into the areas with deep snow, just stay on the path, jump over the cart as well as over a trunk (which is quicker). If done right, (otherwise the dwarf hamster tries to play with you...) you'll reach some kind of hiding place (savepoint), now smash Y for your axe, and again the hunt goes on. Push B when shown on screen and also Y until you finally can escape the threat.

Savegame 3 = After the fight (third slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Collect ressources and heal injuries

After a short video you'll find two bushes, pick them and head on. Again a little video, after that you can open the small crate in front of you. Push and hold LB, this heals our Lara. Now go back and you'll find toxic mushrooms. This comes in handy, upwards on the left you can grab another 'donation' or something; now climb up the ice wall and again you are in your already familiar shady woods. Right there you'll see a crate, similar to the popular ones with salvage from TR2013, and the crate even makes the same noise – feels like home, right? Go back to the already known cave on the upper edge of the forest, now you can collect all fungi there. Run back to your camp but look around carefully because now there are some new bushes and crates. Anyway, you'll be able to make poison arrows now. Choose poison arrows from your ammunition menu and push X to craft the maximum amount possible. Check also your weapons menu, if an exclamation mark blinks you can upgrade your respective weapon (for now only the bow of course). In my case I could apply 'wrapped string'. You'll also have a new skill point, spend it wise...

Sneak or fight your way past the soldiers into the cave

Lara takes a short (commercial) break, a video follows, after that our beloved archeologist sits on a branch and you'll push Y to take care of the ugly pedicurist... just make sure to push Y again. Now sneak to the bushes and wait until you'll be able to eliminate his buddy (push Y twice). There is also a new challenge: Grab and Go! This means you'll have to loot the bodies after the kill, erm, the play... or so... If done correctly you have 2 of 3. In the stump near your camp there are more fungi by the way... With RB you can shoot your new poison arrows. For now you'll have only two. If you head down (from your camp) to the left, there is a bad guy on a rope, another one stands nearby. With a silent but heartfelt head shot you can take care of him, well known from TR2013. Loot the body and you have mastered the challenge! Best if you go back to your camp right now for a good savepoint. In the same way you can eliminate all the nasty forestry workers around your camp... nice, easy and sneaky... (Tally Ho!). Now head towards the little hill to the right, from here you have a clear view of the area and the rest of the wood strollers. In my case one of them came along right under Laras nose, Y was shown on screen and Lara took care of him in a very, well... direct way... what a ninja our girl is! Don't forget to dance... no, to loot of course and again a new skill point is available. And then there were two... two little indians are standing near a generator... just shoot at this generator and eliminate them afterwards with head shots (no alarm will be triggered). Shoot'em, loot'em and take the document from a small table nearby. Now you are done here, later on you can return via fast travel when you are in posession of the right tools to open the two sealed caves.

Now back to the former exit and towards your friend, the dwarf hamster. Just venture into the lion's den, or better, the hamsters den. Move slowly and get your bow ready. As soon as you see the beast, just shoot him with a poison arrow. Then some normal arrows and when he's coming for you, shoot your second poison arrow. You can also craft new poison arrows by pressing RB. The fight will not last very long and after that you'll have a new bedside rug. Skin him, loot everything and then smash the wall in the cave...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Legend - Click to enlarge!


Auf Youtube nenne ich mich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen "Prediger Krause"

Hier ist noch meine selbst angefertigte Let's Play Version von damals mit wichtigen und beeindruckenden Kommentaren. Achtung, das ist der Guide to Survival! Die perfekte Anleitung für ein perfektes Spiel! Nur auf Laraweb! Und lies auch bitte meinen wichtigen Hinweis zu meinen Let's Play Videos!

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