10. Soviet Installation – The Rescue – Research Base

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What's this all about? We're about to explore a beautiful outside area. And tho the base is called 'meteorological station', as a resident near the former Czechoslovakia I know for sure that this is an interception facility... however beautiful to look at, as I have to admit. A big white ball on a mountain top looks quite aesthetical, almost artistical...

Soviet Facility – The Rescue

Right after the start I've noticed a survival cache in a corner behind me (already on my map). There's a document, you'll open a crate and proceed to the Copper Mill Bridge Base Camp.

Savegame 17 = Start of the next part (17th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

You have now broadhead arrows, in a corner there's also a treasure map. On the wall you'll notice some bright wooden planks, you'll use the new arrows automatically. A green circle appears around the next arrow in order to show if the distance to this new arrow is sufficient (if not, the circle will be red). In this way you'll climb the wall until you'll reach the wall painting, then use the zipline into the valley (the huge area around the sawmill). With your explosive arrows you can now open some caves* , after that proceed to the Communications Tower Base Camp, there's also the supply shack. Use your broadhead arrows and climb the wall there, on top you'll find a document and a crate, as I proceeded further, I'll also noticed a survival cache blinking nearby. There's also a backpack, now you'll see another survival cache down on the ridge near the wooden roof... congrats, you have completed the soviet installation (100 %)!

* One cave is well hidden near the Copper Mill behind the buildings

Now proceed into the cave and just follow the path. After you have crossed a log over a green creek, go left until you reach a survival cache. Careful now, kill the two baddies and loot everything. Shoot at the drums near the truck, this will start the Challenge Scorched Earth (1 of 4 tanks). Go to the digger, over the log and the branches, there are more 'tangos'. Use the broadhead arrows and climb the wall to the left, there are even more baddies, so be careful. Wait a little bit then proceed and jump on the rock. You'll have a clear view on all enemies, there's also a bottle which you can use for a molotov. Kill them one by one from above, but beware! Behind the wall there's another bad boy. After that you can shoot at tank 2/4 (or better the drums nearby). Use the wide path near the two snowmobiles until you reach a bridge – jump over. Now proceed to the closed door. The last log to the right contains a survival cache. Go back to the broken bridge, go down, there's a treasure map. Use your broadhed arrows again and climb up, then go to the wall, there's a wall painting. Now move through the small gap in the wall and you'll reach the Weather Station Base Camp.

Savegame 18 = Start of the next part (18th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots) Everything done, all skills, all weapons with 100%.

There's a relic, when you proceed you'll reach a water area. Dive with LT, pass the small air hole and move to the end of the frozen lake (due to the rebreather you can stay under water for a very long time). Here you should be safe and you'll find a crate. Take care of all ice fishers near the red domes and proceed to the street, near the door to the right there's another crate. Shoot at the barrels near the snowmobile (tank 3/4) and if you proceed to the chasm with the great vista you'll find another survival cache (3/3) to the right near a small rock.

Searching for Trinity – The Weather Station – The Prison Block

Proceed upstairs to the impressive weather station with the fantastic vista and take the document. Behind there's another document (or relic), then climb the ladder and you'll find the next relic. Inside there are another two documents and you can climb the next ladder. Now Lara finds the nice Atlas, go out, jump on the structure to the left and you'll find a rope; use it and you'll reach a gondola (use a firm grip). Jump to the left on the edge of the structure, fall down and kill the baddy quick and dirty. Jump on the wooden structure and use X (throwing axe) to move into the shack. Jump from the ramp to the bright bar, after a while Lara ends up on a steel beam. Proceed until Lara falls into the well. Move out of the water and jump to the left. Proceed down the corridor, now you'll have the choice how you'll get to the ladder: either through the courtyard or over the roof. Anyway, after the ladder use the zipline but before that, kill the bad boy at the end of the rope with your marksman talent. Once down, you'll find a backpack on the other side of the 'tank' and you can also shoot at the small barrel near the big gas tank (4/4) down on the snowmobile. Use the next zipline and go downstairs to the last document in this area. Now move up and watch the great video, after that proceed to the Soviet Facility Base Camp.

Savegame 19 = Start of the next part (19th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Load your guns, search for ammunition via fast travel if necessary, then move on and after killing the next three enemies you'll reach a corridor where you'll hear the sound of a chopper. Just run as fast as you can and you'll reach another three baddies. After a short video you'll end up in the water. In the next room you will encounter many 'tangos' and you can dive as long as you like, move to the air holes and kill one by one. If you get injured, just dive and heal yourself. When the area is clear, another video starts...

Tip: You just have to dive, when an enemy is near just hit Y (tho it won't show up everytime, just hit Y anyway!)

You are now back in the Geothermal Valley and in the Ridgeline Base Camp.

Savegame 20 = Start of the next part (20th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Proceed to a survival cache to the left near the creek and the small rocks. If you move on (down when looking at your map) I saw another survival cache to the left in the grass. You can use fast travel to the Ruins Encampment Base Camp where you can now read the monolith (look at your map, if there's no lock on the monolith you can read it). This will unlock the locations of new coin caches. You can also search for the remaining crypts, challenge tombs, missions and challenges of the Geothermal Valley if you like. Detailed walkthroughs of these will follow.

Now on with the main story. From the Ridgeline Base Camp use the broad stairs and move into the small corridor. Break down the wall...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version Click to enlarge!


Look at the German Version.

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