9. Flooded Archive

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What's this all about? Now coming: the 'Flooded Archive', probably a library hit by high water. Any more does not occur to me, what did Mathias say? "You're searching for logic and reason where there is none."

Find a way into the cathedral

Jump over the pole into the burrow. You'll have to climb up (to the right) and after some detours you'll finally reach the next level. No need to explain everything in great detail here, it's fairly straight forward... When you're standing on the big bar use your grapple axe (X). Proceed and a video sequence starts. After that, Lara hangs on a rope and you have to shoot quickly on the 2 thingies hanging over you. You can neither change your weapon nor zoom in, just remain calm, aim and shoot. After that look around for goodies, then proceed to the Chamber of Records base camp. Info: nearby you'll find a wall painting! Proceed down, it'll get scary but it's just an illusion. One of them you can release from his malady with your pistol... At the end of the corridor shoot at the red containers.

Get the Atlas

At the end of the corridor go right for a document and then in the opposite direction. Jump down on the diagonal part and swing over to the other side of the hall. Grab the document (maybe you'll need a few tries), then proceed to the thing on the altar. After that some enemies arrive, take cover and get rid of them. Proceed through the door to the next fight, which will be a bit difficult due to heavy fog. Then follow the path, swim and dive, there's just one way to go. Finally you'll arrive in a big hall and Lara has a new gear, the rebreather (now you're able to reach some bonus tombs, just as a reminder!). Shoot at the 2 barrels in front of the statue in the water, then proceed to the campfire. Behind you'll see the blinking of a survival cache. This is the Greek Fire Depot base camp (no fast travel!).

Savegame 16 = Start of the next part (16th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Go back to the hole and upstairs, then enter the corridor to the right. At the end Lara is able to crouch under the grid, as you proceed you'll encounter 3 baddies. Then you'll see a door which you can open with a rope arrow. Right before you there is a survival cache. Now go back and climb the wall, to the right there are 2 spike traps, behind you'll find a document. Now jump back over the traps and go downstairs. Follow the corridor until you reach the hall with the statue again. Jump left to the podest, there's a document. Here you'll see the monolith, unlocking the locations of new coin caches on your map. Now go back to the wooden ramp, down under there are some coins.

In front of the wooden construction you'll see a roped block. When you shoot at it with a rope arrow, a red barrel comes out. Get another one, stand near the first one and shoot a rope arrow into one end of the long bar in front of you. Now the barrel hangs on that bar. Shoot another rope arrow into the other end of the bar and pull it to you, then hang the second barrel on it. Now push the barrel with X, both barrel hang on the bar. Turn the bar (with some rope arrows) until one of the barrels lie on the stone path near the water. Now you can cut it loose and push it into the water. It'll drift towards the statue, then shoot it and the explosion destroys another pillar of this statue.

Now go back to your camp and proceed to the left corridor. Lara will swim and dive (LT), due to the rebreather you can do this for a very long time. Do this until you see some red laser beams coming from the guns of three baddies. As long as you are under water they will not see you. Anyway, somewhere you'll have to get out of the water, preferably in a way that you can silently kill one of the opponents. After taking care of all three 'Tangos' use the ladder, go up and open the wall to the right with a rope arrow. You'll see a big horse, coins on the floor and you can proceed to a treasure map. Now move up the little ramp, swing over but beware, stop right there because there's a trap on the floor in front of you. In the room to the right you can open a door with a rope arrow (as a cut corner for later), jump over the trap on the floor and grab the relic. Go down and to the right you'll see a survival cache (3/3). Now proceed to a little storage room, go through and to the stairs. Upstairs there's a document (already shown on your map), near the wooden construction you'll find coins on the floor. Go back down and you'll see that you can open a flap on the wooden construction with a rope arrow. Get a barrel, it'll stuck, so shoot at it. When you try to get a new barrel, it will explode. So get another one and fix it with a rope arrow on the pole. Now it will drift further, cut the rope and it will drift to the statue. As you look closer you'll notice some coins on the edge near the fire. Shoot at the barrel now and then run for your life... as always... It's straight forward... after this sequence go near the water then dive. When you emerge you'll see a coin cache to the right (shown on your map). There are two more, you can get these via fast travel if you like. Proceed now, you can't go wrong. You'll find coins on the floor, a wall painting and a crate, finally you'll end up in the Geothermal Valley. Proceed further to the friendly guy, to the right you'll see a platform on the tree. Use a trick to get there (a document is there): build momentum and use your grapple axe (X), if done right Lara will be able to reach the edge of the planks. Proceed to the upper left corner of your map, you'll see a bright wooden wall and up in the tree a branch. Jump in this direction (use X for your grapple axe) and Lara will swing over. Move on, jump over some rocks in the creek and proceed to the Ridgeline base camp. To the left I saw a survival cache blinking in the grass, there's also a treasure map and you can destroy a wooden door... some serious action! :) Nearby (a bit below of your position) you can attend a funeral for the Achievment 'Paying Respects'. Proceed now to the stairs and the guy...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version Click to enlarge!


Look at the German Version.

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